Steve Pennicook

Steve Pennicook

It was 2002, and Steve was on his way to Canada with a set of plans and preconceptions. What he didn’t realize was that these plans were going to be a catalyst for big changes in his life. In Winnipeg, there was something profound that was awaiting him: an opportunity to transform himself… an opportunity to discover the truth of himself, and to learn what it is to live grounded in that knowledge. As an expression of his journey and his joy he shares the perspectives and understandings that are the culmination of his experience of healing and awakening.

Steve has been practicing yoga both on and off the mat for more than 8 years. As his practice evolves he has come to realize yoga as one of the most significant tools that has been encountered along his path. Steve knows that life is and can be inherently joyful, and filled with play. He dedicates himself to cultivating an awareness of, and an ever deepening experience of the truth.

Whether you are coming to connect with Steve in a yoga class, or you’re coming to experience the “best massage you’ve ever had” (FACT! – The writer of this bio), Steve’s wisdom, skills and energy are truly enriching and inspiring for all who are lucky enough to cross his path.

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